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Magnafolate® Pro, the purest active folate on the planet!

release time:2021-09-15

Magnafolate® Pro is the patented C crystal L-methylfolate calcium that we spent 14 years successfully developing and protected by 61 global patents. 

With its unique C crystal form, it solves the global difficulty of poor stability of active folate completely. It’s the most stable, purest and the most safe folate source on the planet. 

Magnafolate® Pro controls all the harmful impurity into the smallest assay.

Total impurity less than 1% (USP 2.5%)

D-5-MTHF less than 0.05%(USP 0.5%)

Hg less than 0.1ppm (USP 1.5ppm )

Also, Magnafolate® is the only L-methylfolate which doesn’t use the harmful material formaldehyde in production process.

Hence, such pure Magnafolate® Pro would be much helpful for the customers who focus on the most clean formulation. It can well match to your high-quality positioning perfectly.