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L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate calcium

Product Type  Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
Cas No  151533-22-1
Use  Food additives
Structural formula

Magnafolate® is the patented C crystal L-methylfolate calcium that we spent 14 years successfully developing and protected by 61 global patents. With its unique C crystal form, it solves the global difficulty of poor stability of active folate completely since 1943.  It’s the most stable, purest and the most safe folate source on the planet. 

Magnafolate® VS Folic acid
    1) 2 times higher bioavailability.
    2) No need to metabolize, can be absorbed directly.  Magnafolate® has the same chemical structure as the folate existing in our blood
    3) Suitable for all people, including the 70% people who can't convert the folic acid due to the MTHFR gene mutation;
    4) Much safer. Magnafolate wouldn't bring the unmetabolized folic acid which has many potential risks for our body.

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